Hru'ksht'arr, a creature from Parnack, the homeworld of the yahg species.

The exact biological classification and appearance of the animal remain unknown, save for a description provided by Chak Zi'Kratarg:

Hru'ksht'arr, one of the many creatures under imperium of Daughter Parnack. His feathery lures dance back and forth before his prey, enticing it to irritation while he, small creature that he is and drab in all manner, avoids the retaliatory strike. As his feather lures are swiped for, the barbs concealed therein draw blood. When the creature tires of the sore and unappealing sport, its anger spent and its capacity to be moved to irritation exhausted - when once more it is secure in its own power and supremacy, its weakness passed - so the wretched creature emerges to suck on the blood it has drawn. Preening its own mangled feathers in satisfaction.

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