Also sometimes "Horsehead", this star cluster has a motley collection of uninhabited and barely-surveyed planets with some prospect for resourcing. Despite parts of it being considered Systems Alliance space - and its proximity to other Citadel nations - it is situated in a legal grey area for Citadel races. Research stations are often established out here, where there is less annoying government oversight. Human and salarian concerns take full advantage; Cerberus was one organization to make good use of the nebula.

Post-Reaper War, it connects to the Exodus Cluster, the Annos Basin, and the Ninmah Cluster on the relay network.

The nebula is known to elcor astronomers as the Darkscreamer.


Star Systems:

  • Alpha Alaris System: 14 light-years from Pax
  • Anadius System: Cronos Station
  • Fortuna System: Maganlis, Therumlon (Setari Station, orbiting), Amaranthine, Wentania
  • Pax System: Svarog, Noveria, Morana, Veles. (Very ironically given the system's name, people associated with Cerberus Daily News managed to cause a very short but embarrassing shooting war here, the so-called "Wagstaff Affair". Not the forum's finest hour).
  • Strenuus System: Yunthorl, Antitarra, Trelyn, Xawin, Thesalgon


  • Dessasat: A neutral resupply post on a non-garden world, featuring research outposts from half a dozen influential salarian families, most of them part of the same duchy.
  • Thermopylae Station: This derelict outpost was repurposed by Harris Dawkins as the headquarters of Roswell Explorations, a front company for Cerberus.