Juhani Matias Ragum (neé Alavirta) is a Finnish, Earth-born human who now serves as a Turian Hierarchy client on tier 3. He was briefly married to Veneta Ragum, and was the official guardian of Aira Desolas in the years 2186-2193.

Juhani Matias Ragum (Alavirta)








Hierarchy Garrison, Citadel

Humble Beginnings (2164-2185)

Was born to a middle-class family as first child, a few years later joined by his sister Laura. He grew up and attended school in the Greater City of Oulu region, which was known as the Silicon Valley of Finland. Throughout his childhood, he showed enthusiastic interest in non-humans. Later on as a young adult, he enrolled into the University of Oulu in 2183, his main subject being history. From there, he caught a ride to the Citadel on the wing of an abrasive class-mate who was feeling generous with unused shuttle tickets, and Juhani's life was changed forever.

To the Stars (2185-2186)

During his quick vacation to the Citadel, Juhani got involved in a "rescue" operation to free an unlucky turian soldier from his handcuffs after an intimate liaison gone wrong. This marked his first encounter with a turian stark naked. This was where he also met his most important friend Sulla Talodias, a fellow turian student. Later on, Juhani would go and bail Gahars Patnus out from the hands of a malpractising doctor with Kate Parker, with whom he became more closely acquainted over the following year over shared interests.

In addition to those people, Juhani's impulse to go and congratulate one Albert Lowell over his new penthouse introduced him to several people he'd stay in close contact with later on, including Albert himself (his benefactor and future employer during his stint in the Alliance Embassy), the Gallus brothers and Tellix's husband Guc Takkar.

Once having gotten a taste of the life at Citadel, Juhani sought out an internship at the Alliance Embassy with the help of Albert, a position he managed to land for himself. Juhani moved onto the station and began his short foray into the world of diplomacy. During this period, he became acquaintated with his future wife Veneta, and formed close bonds with Vindetti Guerra's Sundowner clan at Sniper's Touch.

One fateful diplomatic assignment to Cipritine, the capital of Palaven, changed it all for the young man. Acting as an aide to senior diplomats, he was asked by Alliance Intelligence Services to slip fake intel to suspected turian counterparts as a hoax, but conflicted loyalties made him reveal this plot to the Hierarchy intelligence and attempt defection. The risky attempt failed and cost Juhani his work, leaving a black mark on his records with the Systems Alliance, not to mention he barely avoided going to prison for treason, and likely would have if it wasn't for Albert Lowell's political manoeuvring to get him off the hook.

The War for Sentient Life (2186)

Convinced he had burned all of his bridges behind him, Juhani Alavirta set forth to claim a blank slate from which to start anew with his life. Briefly working at the Sniper's Touch, he began his studies of turian language to support a Hierarchy citizenship application, that he was granted towards the latter half of year 2186. In the meantime, he befriended the out-spoken armchair racist Lepantis Corvax and his family, and had a brief meeting with the duo Idem Quod and Veritas Imperius, trying to help out both couple's familial relationships with varying results.

Juhani began his military service to move up the tier system, and in the meantime married Veneta, adopting her family's surname of Ragum. He wore the bride's crown in the ceremony, affirming his position of being the dependant in the relationship.

The Reaper War took its toll on the young man's health. His dominant arm had to be amputated after an indoctrinated officer shot it nearly off at the shoulder. This necessitated a move from Epyrus to the Citadel for medical treatment, where he was re-united with Aira Desolas he rescued on the turian colony. The two held out the siege of Citadel at the Sniper's Touch, narrowly avoiding becoming husk chow.

My Life as a Foreign Legionary and few other things (2187-present)

With the war over and payments withheld per Hierarchy policy, Juhani Ragum took to acting in a krogan action movie (Quad Squad 51: Attack of the Foreign Legionary) and authoring a book about his experiences as a human client of the Hierarchy (I Paint My Face Every Morning) as a way to make ends meet.

Things went quite alright until Juhani's wife Veneta, who had gone missing since her ship was wrecked during the war, was brought back to civilization. She had filed for divorce, as she was waiting on another man's child, a man she had met while stuck on an unnamed planet waiting for rescue, causing much grief and frustration to Juhani. However, he accepted the divorce and returned to being a single father to a turian girl while being at odds with the Hierarchy on how to raise his daughter.

In 2188, the long arm of the law (and the tax office) reached Juhani Ragum and his unreported gains from Quad Squad 51. Due to the post-war chaos and lack of available communications, he had neglected to report his profits from the film. When this came to light, his military service was terminated and Juhani was sentenced to hard labour in a penal battalion in the Apien Crest. He worked off his debts on the client colony of Armos Tevote until he was approached by officers from the Hierarchy Intelligence Service, who made him an offer that Juhani found hard to refuse.

Juhani Ragum began his training to be a Hierarchy Intelligence Service agent in 2189, having traded his imprisonment for risking his life for the Cause. So far, his experiences involve combating a cell of neo-Cerberus on Shanxi in a joint-Hierarchy-Systems Alliance-Geth Consensus operation to recover a kidnapped geth, and gathering intel against Omega-based separatist operation.

The Hierarchy agency of family affairs stripped Juhani of his adoptive daughter's guardianship in 2193, citing his numerous infractions, prison conviction, single guardianship and dangerous line of work as reasons.


  • Began as a self-insert character and ran away from there.
  • Was notorious for a time over his sexual experimentation.
  • Nowadays resides quietly and jadedly on the boards.


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