The Helix Arena is a multi-purpose sporting and entertainment complex in Nos Astra, Illium.

The current Arena is the second of its name; the first, destroyed along with much of old Nos Astra during the Reaper War, was primarily a racing circuit, although between scheduled races the main spectator complex was frequently converted to a concert arena or sporting field for non-racing events. The rebuilt Arena (some distance from the site of the original) was constructed with this flexibility in mind, with a far more extensive main stadium suitable for galactic-level sporting events and musical performances. When used for racing, the stadium contains the start-finish line of a circuit which can be configured for multiple racing styles, and has a maximum lap length of 7.22km, including optional 'street race' segments which connect to portions of Nos Astra's broad pedestrian boulevardes (which are of course closed off to foot traffic during racing). One notable configuration is an exact replica of the original Helix Arena's 5.148km ELITE racing track; due to this circuit's fame, when not in use for other events the Helix track is defaulted to this configuration, which visitors may use under supervised conditions, or on special track days attempt under race conditions in certified ELITE-standard vehicles.

The Helix Arena is also the venue for the Terminus Cup when held on Illium, and has announced plans to seek staging rights for other special pildavi events to host among its repertoire of sporting features. However, since it does not maintain full-time pildavi facilities, the Nos Astra Pulsars continue to use their original stadium for training and regular matches.

Out-of-character notes

  • The page image is the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, which looks pretty sci-fi to begin with.

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