A series of gruesome murders on the Citadel following the Reaper War - in fact two cases, the second killer clearly emulating the first. The targets - all human children - had organs, most commonly the heart, removed.

The series of child murders in Kithoi Ward in 2188 were in fact themselves the works of a copy-cat - they resembled killings on Earth in 2184 committed by Brian Buergal. Buergal, an L2 biotic, was convicted of fifteen counts of murder in the first degree, but was sentenced to treatment in an L2 rehabilitation facility due to an insanity plea. Buergal, colloquially known as the “Heartbreaker Killer,” killed fifteen young girls by removing their hearts from within their bodies. He never arrived at the rehabilitation facility. Until 2185, it was thought that Buergal was still at large, until his body turned up in connection with another serial killing case, the Coastline Butcher.

The 2188 attacks targeted human children (this time boys as well as girls), and were not solved.

A few years later, another series of murders occurred on Tayseri Ward.


Chak Zi'Kratarg believes that the human manning the front desk at Go's Accessories on the Presidium knows something about this latest string of murders.

The timing of the copy-cat is a little suspicious, since it comes right on the heels of the copy-cats who recreated the crimes of another infamous Citadel serial killer, the Tayseri Strangler. Perhaps, it's speculated, the attention that case received inspired someone else.

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