Haseriuldir - frequently known as "Haseri" - is a hanar residing on the Zakera Ward of the Citadel, working first as a bartender at the Nautilus Resturant and Bar and as part-time drinks provider for the interspecies pornography publication Fornax. It now works as a Censor for the Office Of Doctrine.


Haseri was born in 2167 in Whitecap, on the hanar colony world of Belan, to a well-off family. It was the eldest of five children.

It was educated at the Enkindlers' Eternal Grace School.

"On one trip to the Temple to Stellar Siblinghood, it managed to fall asleep in the Chamber of Whispers. It got in trouble for that. It later got in trouble for pushing pebbles in The Still Waters of Kaiafess."

Haseri came to the Citadel in 2182 and started working for Fornax soon after. There it met the human Sally, who would become a good friend. After returning home for a holiday, it was berated by its parents to quit. This holiday meant that it missed the Battle of the Citadel, being stuck in orbit for hours before the all-clear came through. After the clean-up period, it quit its job and joined a newly opened restaurant (the Nautilus), much closer to home.

It joined CDN on the 31st of August 2185.


Its parents are Whendiolynn and Anderwonn, its four siblings Jaydeeblaser, Boadisiac, Ahjayahduh, and Kerriwynn.


Like most hanar, Haseri is excessively polite, though like fellow CDN board member Aran'gar, it dropped use of 'the other' in favour of 'you'. When asked about this, Haseri noted that it seemed more polite to adapt itself to other race's means of speaking rather than expect the reverse, and that it was also an attempt to seem less 'uptight'.

Among the works Haseri has evaluated as part of its role among the Censors are the poems of Dord and episodes of Straight and Narrow.


Due to a busy schedule (combined with the inability for a hanar to do much in the way of action), Haseri has not had much interaction with fellow CDN members, save Daia T'Nara (asari_promiscuity), with whom it had a prior acquaintance via working at Fornax, and fellow hanar Aran'gar (RequiemVortex) in a brief meeting at the Soothing Tide bathhouse. It did attend both the Christmas party at Fadil Mahd's place and the GWO Charity Masquerade Ball.

The following year, Haseri, Aran'gar, Aeseri and Stezenyn travelled from the Citadel to Kahje for First Cresting Bloom, as seen here.

More recently, it attended a conference on the Citadel alongside Laykalar and Kayana Pesh, as seen here.

Haseri had an interesting adversarial relationship with Cerastes; see for instance here, here or here.

Lydia has made Haseri a sweater.

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