Family portrait by leemo626-d3d6w5c

Harrad, Cour, and Laelix after the Seven Rings race.

Harrad Ilum; family man, pilot, and CDN's moral center.

A not-atypical turian, Harrad is proud of his heritage, and amused, angered, and intrigued by the quirks of other species (this is why he chose to hang around on an ostensibly pro-human newsfeed).

Born on the farming planet of Silona, he went through boot camp as a pilot, and joined the Hierarchy fleet to fly in-atmosphere ships.

Although primarily a dropship pilot, he also spent a tour piloting patrol frigates in the Krogan Demilitarized Zone, as part of the CDEM. His career in the Fleet was cut short by a gunshot received off-duty, leaving him with a slight limp in his right knee. In order to keep flying in “combat” zones, he resigned from the Fleet, and joined with the Lifebearer Brigade.

With the Lifebearer Brigade, Harrad spent ten years evacuating refugees, delivering aid, and scouting disaster areas all across Citadel Space. As a result, he’s seen the worst nature (and sometimes sapient life) has to offer, and, on the flip side, how everyone can come together in the face of crisis.

His partner, Cour, eventually received a promotion within the Lifebearers, and had originally been reassigned to an office on Nova Sepra. However, after serving in immediate rescue efforts on Taetrus, the pair were moved to the Citadel. Harrad sat on the “Panel for the Analysis of Current and Future Crisis Relief Methods,” as an advisor, until he formally stepped down from the Lifebearers. The Illums then adopted a Taetrus orphan, Laelix, who quickly became a dear part of Harrad’s life. In order to help raise the boy, Harrad retired from his previous career in order to be a homemaker. He spent a great deal of his time with his new son, and when he was free from both child-rearing and the apartment, spent time with Wings of Tayseri, a charity that teaches disadvantaged children to fly.


He has some ambivalence toward the krogan. He usually does a good job of keeping his prejudice under control, but when under stress, his negative feelings about the race can bubble to the surface.

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