A batarian martial art, used both for professional military purposes and private exercise/discipline. Public haraba matches are common on many batarian and Terminus worlds. Non-batarians can practice it, but since haraba was created by warriors with four eyes, those with a single pair might never become a true master.


The Rain is a film about a former haraba fighter who's long past his prime and has alienated nearly everyone in his life, and runs a bar to make ends meet. However, he has trouble paying off his debts so he decides to act as an enforcer for a loan shark. Along the way, he ends up serving as a trainer for an up-and-coming fighter who's also in trouble with local gangs. The crux of the story is him trying to help the rookie rise to the top and settle accounts with his own past. Itran Barlek stars as Ralek "The Rain" Nab'Orhol, and apparently his performance elevates what looks like a typical sports drama film into a pretty decent vid.

Professional haraba fighters include Bazan Har'dalak, formally of A'qari.