Last living Prothean difficult subject for hanar is one of the retrospective articles prepared by CDN members to illustrate the events and changes that occurred during the year following the Reaper War.

Last living Prothean difficult subject for hanar

Kahje, Illuminated Primacy - The Illuminated Primacy have asked all hanar to stay away from the last remaining Prothean, known only as Javik. "He has expressed his wishes to travel the galaxy alone. If anyone comes across him, we ask you live him be." They gave this announcement at a press conference as Primacy Space officially rejoins the galactic community.

When asked how the appearance of the Prothean puts into question their divinity, Primacy spokesperson Qualateros stated "Since contact, there has always been an undercurrent that there was a difference between the Protheans and the Enkindlers. There are many groups that posit that the Protheans, including Javik, were merely a physical manifestation of the Enkindlers on this plane of existence. That is merely one example. Each tradition will have its own explanation, so giving just one answer would be folly.

"Whatever the truth is, the fact remains that the Protheans uplifted us, and have been our gods and saviours for over fifty thousand years. One person telling us to disregard thousands of years of history, even if he is a Prothean, will not happen."

This comes amid reports of groups calling themselves the Disciples of Javik appearing, many claiming all traditions, sects and cults must be overthrown and reworked to fit with the teachings of the remaining Prothean.

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