Halspree is a Thessian flower, native to the landmasses in the Kendra Ocean region's cloud belt. The vivid magenta colour of its primary flower aids in attracting pollinating fauna despite the frequently obscured sunlight. Within the flower is an inner blossom, which unfurls in reaction to tactile contact with the primary flower's petals.

In asari folklore, halspree is said to listen to the hopeful - a common saying is "halspree for hope". Those wishing for change stroke the outer petals to cause the inner blossom to open, then whisper their wish into the flower, followed by lightly kissing the inner petals. The practice originated in the Kendra region during the tribal era, but is widely known and adhered to into the present.

Halspree are temperamental to grow outside of their native environment, but on colonies founded by Kendra emigrants they are a common sight in controlled greenhouses and botanical gardens.

The flower also gives its name to the Halspree Nebula, a visually spectacular area often traversed by cruise liners travelling from Thessia to Illium or the Citadel.

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