Halo of Light is a relatively remote Illuminated Primacy colony, first settled 75 years ago. Although primarily aquatic, Halo has several landmasses habitable to land-based species, most notably Turungia Island, the largest landmass and a popular retirement destination for drell, due to its pleasant climate and proximity to hanar aquatic settlements.


Native fauna include Ghostly Weavings of Morning, an edible (to hanar) fish.


Shortly before the Reaper War, Turungia Island was struck with a massive earthquake, with initial reports listing 112 fatalities, mostly older drell. The quake occurred without any warning signs detectable by the colony's early warning VIs, and Primacy rescue teams detected unfamiliar energy readings emanating from the quake's epicentre in the Turungian Hills. An investigation team was reported to have discovered a Prothean site unearthed by the quake, including some operational technology. Further investigation into the site, and whether it may have caused the quake, was prevented by a group of religious extremists seizing control of the site and taking the science team hostage, in protest over the presence of "outsiders" on what the group's leader, Bindo, declared sacred ground.

Instead of surrendering, Bindo told authorities, “It has grown fond of the Enkindler artifacts. It is not ready to give them up. It, as well as the others, wishes to stay with them.”

Following the announcement, a drell infiltration team entered the site. The explosion occurred several minutes later, killing everyone within, and reportedly destroying all Prothean artifacts. In the aftermath, neither the Illuminated Primacy nor the Citadel Council would confirm reports that the infiltration team was led by a turian Spectre, who was also killed in the explosion.

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The Turungia Island earthquake and subsequent events were reported in the following Cerberus Daily News updates:

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