A Hadrash-Marg being unloaded

The Hadrash-Marg class freighter is a robust commercial freighter design.

The class had its origins in the 2150s, when a team of krogan engineers were hired by a now-defunct mining company to design an efficient and unassuming cargo vessel. The resulting freighter was simplistic, slow, and exceedingly good at what it did. 150 meters long, with thick plating and powerful kinetic barriers, the Hadrash-Marg is designed to be able to take hits that could disable other cargo haulers and keep going. While under-armed and cramped, many corporations with a serious investment in mining keep a small fleet of "Margs" to carry out their business.

While designed for transporting raw materials and similar bulk cargo, the Marg has occasionally been modified to serve as a troop transporter, with varying degrees of success. While able to carry troops and vehicles into combat, it does a substandard job at anything other than what it was designed to do, and the use of a Marg in combat zones has become a relatively good indicator of lack of other options for the owner.