Ekman alone

Service Chief Ekman during a combat operation.

Gustaaf E. Ekman (10.10.2149- ) is a decorated veteran soldier and a marine, having reached senior NCO status in two different military forces. A native South African, Ekman started his military career in the South African National Defence Force, receiving multiple awards and commendations, and earning the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1. After ten years of service, Ekman quit the SANDF and enlisted in the Systems Alliance Marine Corps. Ekman is currently serving aboard SSV Agincourt as a squad leader, holding the rank of Service Chief (E-4).

Early Life

Gustaaf Erwin Ekman was born in the Welkom MediClinic on October 10th, the Kruger Day, a traditional Afrikaans-speaking South African celebration. His father, Jan Erik Ekman, had lived in Welkom his entire life, while his mother, Hanne Eybers, was a Bloemfontein native. His parents met during Jan-Erik's monthly Army Reserve Training session in Bloemfontein, and married a few years later. Ekman grew up in his family's large farm in Welkom, and attended the Welkom Volksskool. After completing elementary school at the age of 14, Ekman dropped out prior to attending high school.

Military Service

The expressions “Rock-solid” and “tough as nails” are often used to describe NCOs, but in Gustaaf’s case they certainly hold true. He’s been soldiering even longer than I have, and it shows. In combat, he’s typically calm and collected, or at least doesn’t let on if he feels otherwise. Off the line, he’s the epitome of the squared-away disciplinarian of a non-com, keeping my boys in line and making sure they don’t do anything stupid.

- Gunnery Chief Michael F. Tritt, Second Battalion, Fourth Marines

Tours in Africa (2168-2178)

Ekman worked on his family's farm for four years before joining the military. He enlisted in the South African Army in 2168, where he went on to serve for ten years. He received his basic training at 3 Infantry Battalion Training Depot in Kimberley, where he displayed clear leadership skills. Ekman was sent to the NCO Academy of Polokwane base, and graduated with good grades in 2169.

Alliance Enlistment (2178- )

Military Honors

Rank of Private 2168
Rank of Corporal 2168
Rank of Sergeant 2169
iPhrothiya yeBhronzi(Bronze Protea) 2169
Angola Star 2169, with bar 2170
Kenya Star 2171
Rank of Staff Sergeant
Nkwe ya Selefera(Silver Leopard) 2174
Rank of Warrant Officer Class 2
Rank of Warrant Officer Class 1
Rank of Senior Warrant Officer 2177
Medalje vir Troue Diens (Medal for Loyal Service)
Rank of Private 2178
Rank of Private First Class 2179
Combat Readiness Medal 2180
Medal of Heroism 2181
Rank of Corporal 2181
Rank of Service Chief 2181
Space Service Ribbon 2182
Feros Campaign Medal 2183
The Eden Prime War Medal 2184

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