Gurtak Zed
Zed transparent
Gurtak Zed
Date of Birth
July 13, 1984
Owner of Zed's Shop
Nos Astra, Illium
Marital Status
Character Status

Gurtak Zed (born July 13, 1984) is the krogan owner of Zed's Shop, located in Nos Astra, Illium. He uses the name KroganZed on the Cerberus Daily News forum.


Life in Gurtak and Fleeing from Tuchanka (1984 - 2134)

Zed was born into Clan Gurtak, a small clan whose territory was surrounded by many other larger clans. War between the rivaling clans and Gurtak were of a common occurrence due to the clan leader's constant posturing.

Zed's father was a role model for him. His father was the clan's lead mechanic; many of the things that Zed learned about repair and weaponry were thanks to the expertise of his father whom would always let Zed stick around and observe while working on the clan's vehicles and weaponry.

When Zed came of age, the Rite of Passage was just around the corner. Gurtak's Rite was brutal; children of age would fight each other to the death. The lone survivor would be the victor and officially be a part of the clan. Zed survived that battle.

In the year 2134, Gurtak's territory was invaded by multiple clans, allied with one another towards a common goal, that bordered them. Unwilling to fight and defend Gurtak—for numerous reasons—from complete annihilation, Zed managed to flee Tuchanka as a stowaway on a shuttle headed to Omega.

Life on Omega (2134 - 2183)

Leaving Tuchanka with nothing but himself, his trusty Claymore, and only a few credits to his name, Zed established himself on Omega as a gunsmith. He figured that his talents would be put to good use and earn him steady income.

With a much larger bankroll, Zed decided it was time to leave Omega and head to greener pastures.

Illium and the Reaper War (2183 - 2186)

Illium. The Gateway to the Terminus. Thanks to the planet's strong economy, Zed was successful with his new shop in old Nos Astra. Rather than just gunsmithing, he expanded to selling supplies, omni-tools, weapons, and offered general repair-work for almost anything.

During the Reaper invasion, he evacuated to Nos Varda and assisted in any way he could with the war effort to defend his new home. Upon the end of the war, he salvaged whatever he could from his ruined shop to establish a new shop.

A New Nos Astra (2186 - Present day)

With his shop established once more, Zed continued doing what he did best.


Zed is definitely an introvert in reality, though drinks tend to "loosen" him up; it's a stark contrast to his extranet persona. Earning Zed's true friendship or trust can take a while.

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