Clint van Wallach

A former Alliance Marine, Clint van Wallach (known to the CDN crowd as Gunslinger) plied the trade of the bounty hunter for sixteen years, fifteen of which were spent on Omega. A grizzled man with a damned fast draw and the mettle to survive on Omega, van Wallach was a surprisingly sensitive soul, preferring to take in bounties alive and talk out problems before going for his Phalanx.

Clint's first love was and always had been his wife Lara, to whom he was always happy to return after a job. The fact that they were able to stay happily married on Omega of all places is testament to the love the two shared. After a particularly brutal hunt in which the gunslinger was nearly killed by an old friend, the two were able to pool their resources and finally move off of Omega, finding a modest apartment on the Citadel.

Wrapped up in business that went above and beyond the call of a usual hunt, he was killed in the Battle of Peak 15 by an Avatar of QOROQ.