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Pictured above: Grackel

A raloi with a name unpronounceable by most non-beaked species, Arakhet (who usually goes by the screen name Grackel) was a mildly batty raloi who lived on the Kithoi Ward of the Citadel. A weapons saleswoman by trade and (like the rest of the species) extremely new to the Galaxy as a whole, she spent a considerable amount of time working on expanding her family's business, meeting potential customers, and generally irritating her turian chaperone Praesix.

She was also the employer of Emon Spiza, who worked as a secretary for her and performed maintenance on her security mechs. He was her "best assistant ever".


On her first sexual relationship, she says this:

"He was nobody particularly outstanding - an amateur geologist from a minor family. Eighteen, quiet and fairly shy. Offered me a pendant made from this gorgeous polished stone when I was seventeen. Stayed together for awhile but he wanted to settle down right away. He wasn't a bad guy but that much commitment back then? I'm still not eager to build a nest!"


Biography: Grackel's arrival on CDN.

Diplomatic Interlude: A date with Diplomatic Immunity (Albert Lowell).

Lobsterphobic No More: Grackel begins looking for a place to stay on the Citadel.

Raise a Glass: Grackel at a pub.

Hell Hath No Fury: Grackel is mistaken for a demon.

You stupid raloi assassin!

Monkey Business: A meeting of the less-than-sane.

Have You Seen This Salarian?: During the events of Who Goes There?, Emon Spiza disappears.

Look, Has Anyone Seen My Boss?: Now it's Spiza's turn to look for Grackel.

Intervention: Having accidentally drawn Suri'Neyvi's attention on the forums and certain that he's going to be either forced into the Embodiment or killed, Spiza withdraws from the forums and hides from the world... at which point it's up to Grackel and Harrad Illum to try and restore some modicum of sanity to the guy. (Grackel arrives on page 3)

The "Happiest" Place on the Citadel: Spiza attempts to apologise.

I Found Praesix!: The Praesix matter is resolved.

Will It Melt?: Weapons testing and demonstrations.