Gothteng Shahv was one of the most successful warlords during the Rachni Wars, reputedly surviving over a thousand battles.

His success continued into the Krogan Rebellions, and as Shahv survived again and again his armor gradually took on a legendary status of its own.

Shahv was eventually killed by a turian sniper, one of the last warlords to fall before the deployment of the genophage. A single shot pierced both of the warlord's hearts as he knelt before an ancestral tomb, having removed his armor to pay his respects. The armor itself was subsequently captured by the turians, who feared that it may serve as a symbol of strength and unity, while its loss would prove a blow to krogan morale.

Over the following centuries, ancient krogan armor allegedly belonging to Gothteng Shahv would appear at auction houses across the galaxy, but these pieces were rarely authenticated.

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