Gorash is a planet in the Skyllian Verge, previously claimed by both the Batarian Hegemony and the Systems Alliance.

Formerly inhospitable due to sub-zero conditions, equatorial areas of Gorash are presently warming to temperatures where colonisation may be possible, and some areas of significant mineral wealth have been identified. The planet is regarded as a colonisation option by the Alliance, despite its proximity to batarian territory, but the Hegemony claimed that, in addition to the world's astrographic position near their borders and the Hegemony's long-standing claim to the system (which the Citadel governments rejected, clearing the way for Alliance colonisation in their view), its current "melt" is the result of a substantial dumping of greenhouse-inducing pollutants two centuries ago, and that the Hegemony should therefore be considered to have terraformed the planet for its own use, and have the right to colonise it.

Out-of-character notes

The image depicting Gorash is "Ice Planet", created by deviantART member Punakettu.

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