Gladus Industries is a one of the numerous corporate divisions of the Turian Hierarchy, mostly responsible for the manufacturing of military grade technology and electronic products such as omni-tools, visors, scopes, computer interfaces and many others. It came under the administration of Jarrar Mallenis in 2144, after Mallenis, having finished his compulsory service, demonstrated great skill in financial management and optimisation of production efficiency. This granted him a high position in the Hierarchy, akin to that of the CEO of a government corporation.

Gladus, named after the spirit of innovation and ingenuity in an old turian language, was the leading supplier of electronic devices to the turian military, mostly praised for its high quality visors. It is also known for being one of the less common Hierarchy companies that have officially produced a civilian line of consumer electronics. Though this line hasn't been as successful in the Citadel Space markets, military-grade products approved for civilian usage continue to sell very well along with entities like Armax Arsenal and Cipritine Armoury. The same cannot be said for the client worlds though, where Gladus consumer product sales rank amongst the highest.

Besides the good quality of its products, what Gladus was probably most famous for is Gladus Prime, the company's largest and most valuable asset. It is a small, arid world in the Minos Wasteland that bore home to what was possibly the single largest manufacturing complex in Council Space. It was home to approximately thirty thousand permanent residents that lived in domed settlements and worked in the huge factories surrounding them, whilst about just as many workers commuted from the nearby turian colony world of Invictus on a daily basis using the direct shuttle link between the two systems.


Gladus Prime was an early casualty of the Reaper War. A detachment of Reaper forces, consisting of at least four destroyers and a Sovereign-class dreadnought, jumped in-system and destroyed the local comm. buoys. The Reaper dreadnought and several flights of Occulus drones then engaged the joint Gladus Corporation-Hierarchy forces defending Gladus Prime, while the destroyers began disabling the space stations around Gladus II. In the opening engagement the near-entirety of the defending battlegroup was annihilated by the Reaper ship, with the Impera-class frigates Kalia and Ventos being forced to retreat to FTL to avoid complete destruction.

A reconnaissance mission was later authorized to the Gladus system. The Reaper forces had withdrawn, however the destruction was immense. Gladus Prime had been the subject of a sustained kinetic bombardment. The settlement of Pylux, which was built to house the 22,000 employees who manned the factory complex, had been levelled. The massive factory complex itself was in ruins, with one of the reactors powering it having been damaged in the assault and spewing radioactive material into the atmosphere.