The Ghorsuulan is an elcor religion, centred on communal worship of the earth and the sun, with mortal elcor considered an extension of the former animated by vital energies associated with the latter. Thus, elcor stand between the energy of the sun and the sturdy, eternal memory of the earth. While modern elcor would not take the religious explanation for elcor existence literally, as a metaphor its power remains strong. Many herds across the upper equatorial band of Dekuuna observe the tradition, though it isn’t one of the largest religions. One custom is the Massing, wherein the herd rises together to greet the dawn, in thanks for the sun which drove away nocturnal predators, and in gratitude at having survived another night. Very ancient, the original chant has been updated several times over the centuries, long after predators ceased to be a concern. The essence of the chant is an acknowledgement that one day an elcor will return to the earth, their body decomposing and the memories and knowledge they’ve accumulated added to the eternal store. Thanks to the sun, though, that day is not today, and the herd offer thanks for their continued vitality. The Massing chant is reproduced below:

Skylight, first protector, most venerable of speakers, make your presence known upon the hul’dekuu. In mother’s blood, in father’s scent, in song and step we honour you. Strength and wisdom to the hul’dekuu. Strength and wisdom to the herd. The future, to honour with our name, as the weight of memory, we honour with our song.

Eternally, I stand among and of you, great one. Only hide and heart above millennia of earth and strain, soul of metal, gut of ash. Streams of iron, heart of iron. Source below us, sky above us. Always dreaming, never seeking, the eternal restless slumber of your years. And still I stand among and of you, great one. Always dreaming, never seeking, the eternal restless slumber of your years.

This is followed by a bellow in honour of the earth.

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