After the killing of 'Lady' T'Pasi the gang situation on Lower Tayseri Ward has been in flux, with various factions vying for control of her old business and connections. Two groups have recently stepped up their efforts, one focusing exclusively on her drug pipe line, the other attempting to ingratiate itself in the reconstruction effort to shield their more illicit activities.

The Lower Tayseri Elite and New Dillinaga Co-Op

When the reconstruction effort began, a group of veterans of the fighting on Earth made their way to Lower Tayseri, mostly humans from the UNAS, a few asari maidens, and assorted volus, turians, and an elderly krogan. These individuals formed the core of the New Dillinaga Co-Op, an criminal enterprise whose businesses are data running, grey market salvage, knock-off goods sales, illicit betting and unsanctioned prizefighting. C-Sec estimates their current strength at 110 members, 55 of them actually full time members.

The Co-Op's main rivals are the Lower Tayseri Elite, a gang whose core leadership is comprised of Ex-Terminus criminals, mercenaries, and small time crooks headed by a former officer of the Poison Knives. Their main rackets comprise of Slant distribution and manufacture, prostitution, protection and extortion. Briefly suspected of the killing of 'Lady' T'Pasi, the LTE began trying to cut off the supply of duct rats to the Co-Op, going so far as to threaten Father Matembo, the head of a shelter on Lower Tayseri. C-Sec estimates their strength at 80 members.

Known Leadership of the Co-op and LTE

New Dillinaga Co-op notables: Alystae T'Naron, Randall Erskine, Gatatog Tarsk, Yara, Xinthus, Mirele, Krisle

Lower Tayseri Elite notables: Zahir Al-Sofir, Durix Althinus, Elinthus, Derek Marsters, Jalem Kal'thorah

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