The Future Corridor is located in the galactic north-east of the Tangeal Expanse, at the back of the Velkan Principality originating from the Future system.

The corridor is a meticulously charted out lane from the Tangeal Expanse into the Omega Nebula, dotted with basic He-3 refueling and layover stations and Velkan military outposts to guard the lane. Traveling the corridor takes about 22 galactic standard days when going in one direction.

The corridor was a point of contention between the big three Tangeal nations, as Velka sees it is their right to tax and control the lane for bearing the most burden of charting out and maintaining it, while Joseo and Yuke protested towards ignorance of their part in participating. After the fall of Yukes, a new understanding has fostered between the remaining two, and relaxations for the corridor use have been negotiated.

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