An animal once native to the Con Dannis Territories of Irune, specifically the region outside the historic city of Jentudin, which was known by such names as the Unshaken City and the City That Never Fell. The capital of an ancient trading empire that maintained its independence and prestige over many centuries, Jentudin drew upon the local wildlife for inspiration, with the Frost-Bellied Dawnstalker chosen as a defining symbol of the city and its culture. Depicted on the official flag of the three unified clans that ruled Jentudin,  it was also displayed on banners and on the covers of historic lawbooks, becoming a globally-recognized icon. The Frost-Bellied Dawnstalker was noted for its striking coloration and dignified pose, and was indigenous only to a small region proximate to the city. This region was left devastated by Reaper weaponry during the occupation of Irune. While a dedicated population of pilgrims, refugees and ex-pats continue to rebuild the City that Never Fell, the surrounding environment has been deemed unsalvageable, and almost three years after the war, with no surviving captive populations discovered and its only habitat destroyed, the Dawnstalker was declared extinct.

A Jentudin religious leader, Cos Nemedu, commented: “The people of the Unshaken City lived in accordance with the laws of balance and respect for nature. They left certain lands undeveloped to preserve the natural order, in thanks for the resources they took from further afield. It isn’t merely the city that has lost an enduring symbol. Something eternally Vol has died here”.

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