"Food on a Plate" is a recipe... of sorts... devised by Jorgal Dwick, in response to most of the food on Noveria tasting, in his opinion, like a colourful metaphor.


  • 1 fully-grown varren
  • 1 12-pack of Tupari Khrischnev
  • Salt
  • 1 pound'a assorted peppers
  • More salt
  • A bucket'a water (the container that is - you don't want dextro shit in here)
  • veggies an' shit
  • a bottle of the cheapest whine you can find (a bucket of the normal sort'll do here)
  • 5 cups crushed blanchins

How To Make This Shit

  • Getcher varren
  • Kill it.
  • Tap dat tupari shit an’ throw eleven cans of the stuff in a big-ass bowl. Drink the last one yerself, you know, as a horse dervish. Combine with your salt, water, peppers, whine an’ half yer blanchins. Put it to the side an’ let it sit fer a few hours while you butcher yer varren.
  • Now you gotcher meat and marinade, stick one in da other and let the whole mess sit fer a day or two. Should be ready t’cook when da meat’s nice, pickled an’ green.
  • Now drain, combine wit’ da veggies, an’ eat.
  • Raw.

Serves one krogan.

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