Tentacular, intelligent, and physically devastating fomori hail from the Drownscaled world of Amnoskeld, where they are known also by their native name cyrandil. They are utilized as combat animals by various corporate and state entities.

Greyglass Base, home of Project Eochaid Bres, and Orochi's primary harvesting and training facility is built around a quarantined hive of the creatures and has much the air of an assembly line. Eggs are produced in bulk and hatchlings are trained until adolescence and then shipped offworld to Myrmidon units and handlers.


Amnoskeld is an arctic world of twilight storms to point of inhospitability, with all off-worlder population contained to heated geofronts. The cyrandil however thrive in this environment. They nest in massive hives built into the glaciers, cliff walls, and cave systems of the planet. They are amongst the world's higher predators, a pseudo-eusocial species that hunts fish and whale analogues in Amnoskeld's frozen oceans, massive burrowing worms living in the planet's crust, tundra herbivores, and other colonies of cyrandil. They are in turn hunted by barely sentient, partially geologic monsters the size of small mountains and largely uncategorized ocean-dwelling creatures.

Unlike a truly eusocial species such as ants or bees, cyrandil colonies are composed of numerous breeding pairs with the young raised communally and genetic diversity bolstered via the stolen eggs of other hives.

Fast maturing, cyrandil young and adults alike resemble a bizarre fusion of insectile and reptilian characteristics. A long, legless body with a powerful tail with a bifurcated jaw capable of unhinging. Other physical features are six upper limbs likened to articulated spikes and scythes than manipulating digits and a quartet of heavy spike tipped tendrils sprouting from the spine.

Naturally occurring nodes of element zero in the planet's crust have resulted in dust form eezo being integrated into their nervous system over successive generations. Cyrandil are capable of manifested weak gravity altering fields unaided and use it to hunt over the tundra and cliffs and over the waves. Curling up into balls of tendrils and living spikes, drifting as they spear their prey and hauling it up to eat.

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