Fleet and Flotilla by KellyLouX
Fleet and Flotilla is a romance film, noted for its positive portrayal of a turian-quarian relationship.

The above is the only canon information available on Fleet and Flotilla; the rest is the invention of CDN members.

Although the film is widely acknowledged as being unimaginative in its plotting (noted on its HVTropes page for the unapologetic use of more standard romance tropes than any other comparable film), it has a large number of fans both in the Turian Hierarchy and on Rannoch (formerly the Migrant Fleet). Commentators - when not using this fact as a springboard for criticising the taste of movie-goers in general - often put the film's popularity down to the on-screen chemistry between Hierax Muhrkuri (Bellicus) and Sarve'er nar Kolepsi (Shalei). Fans also praise the film's feel-good ending, while detractors regard it as being too saccharine to endure without the aid of sarcastic callbacks or a drinking game.

Fleet and Flotilla: Homeworlds

Following the resettlement of Rannoch, Risa Uvarsen and Rannoch Studios produced a sequel, entitled Fleet and Flotilla: Homeworlds. The three-hour drama features Bellicus and Shalei's continuing struggle to reconcile the demands of the duties to their peoples with their love for one another, as Bellicus serves the Hierarchy on Palaven while Shalei builds a home on Rannoch. Released direct to HV, Homeworlds was filmed entirely on location, marking the first cinematic production from Rannoch in three centuries, as well as (according to the producers) the largest quarian dance scenes ever filmed.


Apparently, Fleet and Flotilla is utterly terrifying to Ichabod.

According to Kari'Zar nar Tasi: "The people that hate Fleet and Flotilla are incapable of forming bonds with other individuals and can only process garbage action movies where someone has to be shot every five seconds or they get bored. They are stunted emotionally. They are like vorcha. Only instead of dying in twenty years and communicating in screeches they communicate in complaining about good movies like Fleet and Flotilla, and they need to go away."


Dani Opines: The opinions of Dani'Koara on the classic film; they differ greatly from those of Harrad Illum.

Out-of-character notes

The poster for Fleet and Flotilla was created by deviantART member KellyLouX.