The Fleet Orison class shuttle is an asari-manufactured FTL-capable shuttle, intended for diplomatic courier, VIP transport, and reconnaisance assignments. The Fleet Orison is one of a number of postwar ship designs being manufactured by the Asari Republics, and at present is available solely to Republican corps and matriarchal entourages.

Fleet Orisons are a product of the Talith Programme, a cooperative venture between the Republics (primarily the Serrice and Dassus Guilds of Thessia and the Harbour Song Guild of Epira) and the shipwright masters of the Courts of Dekuuna. The programme's aim is to modify current first-grade Republican ship designs (primarily those in the latter stages of design and testing at the outbreak of the war) to incorporate a number of general postwar advances in weapons technology, and specifically elcor automated warfare techniques and technologies. While the former is simply a matter of maintaining the Republics' historic edge in technology, the latter is a deliberate move to ease pressure on the asari military caused by the heavy losses of the war combined with the long training period necessary to properly prepare huntresses for duty, compared to other species.

The Fleet Orison class, one of the first publically-revealed products of the Talith Programme, replaces the older Light Spinner class of heavy shuttle. Advances in hull alloys and shielding technologies make it sturdier and better optimised to its mass effect output, while a twin core architecture increases both its maximum FTL and cruising sublight accelerations. While armed primarily for defence, the combination of sophisticated real-time battle VI integration and an EW network based on shared Systems Alliance prototypes gives the shuttle an edge against comparable opponents. Meanwhile elcor automation technologies allow the Fleet Orison to operate at peak efficiency with only a single trained pilot, in place of the Light Spinner's three-woman crew.

In standard configuration a Fleet Orison has a passenger capacity of ten, including one VIP passenger cabin, and a fully functioning medbay. This configuration is also suitable for general long-range reconnaissance, but the class can be refitted for extra range and sensor capability.