Fatal Error is a survival horror game produced by the indie studio Streamline Games in CE 2185. The player controls a soldier who has woken up from surgery that replaced much of his body with cybernetics after a tragic starship accident. Though he is still groggy from the anethesia, he is aware of screaming in the dark hallways and finds the medical staff being attacked by security and maintenence drones. He soon finds out that the station's primary VI, Ishtar, has been infected with a virus that ascended it to full AI status. In order to survive, he must regain control of the station and disable Ishtar before reinforcements arrive. The problem is he's starting to find it difficult to control his own body...

Gameplay is initially like any shooter. However, as the game progresses, the player will find movement and aim increasingly difficult, eventually to the point of complete immobility. Likewise, eyesight and sound become increasingly corrupted, with enemies and friendly NPCs sometimes switching places and voices. While critics lauded it for its interesting presentation and questioning of the player's role as the controller, they felt they really couldn't call it a game.

After its cult success, Streamline Games released the Ishtar VI for personal use.