A planet colonized by the Salarian Union, in the Aethon Cluster. It's considered part of the "Trans-Basin Colonies", a collection of minor settlements that formed one of the first marches outside the Annos Basin (a ridiculously antiquated name, but it stuck). It was formally administrated by the Jiusu clan until the Reaper War, when the Dalatrass of said clan evacuated, leaving a cadet branch of the family in charge of the day-to-day operations.

As reported on CDN:

As aid to the beleaguered nations of the galaxy continues, a new star arises amid the trans-Basin colonies. Sharing in the wartime plight of its largely asari and turian neighbours, the colony world of Farish Vey is now the focal point of essential economic and material exchange between the Basin and the galaxy at large. Chief among those overseeing shipments to and from salarian holdings are the Capsatus, a cadet branch of the Jiusu clan now poised to assume more direct day-to-day management following Dalatrass Jilsata’s security-motivated retreat to the home cluster during the early weeks of the war.

In the war's aftermath, the colony began pushing for some unusual changes:

As reported by Bitterskin (who, it should be noted, tends to be both alarmist and less on top of things than he should be).

More clues emerge (perhaps) when the planet becomes a point of essential interest for SlowAndSteady.

Eventually, the colony introduced a merit-based social stratification initiative obviously modelled on the Turian Hierarchy, to some quiet controversy and disbelief.

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