An inhabited planet in the Apien Crest, second planet of the Farin system. Farin II is a colony of the Turian Hierarchy.

Fauna includes a horned creature about twice the size of an elcor, somewhat resembling an extinct Terran ceratopsian.

Notable Incidents

Two years after the Reaper War, a privately-operated turian spaceliner known as the Tarius suffered what appeared to be a drive core failure on approach to Farin II, resulting in the vessel's complete destruction. Communications between the ship and its destination revealed that it had entered deceleration between the system's fifth and sixth planets, and was preparing for final approach when a shortwave emergency signal was received by local authorities. Rescue patrol ships were sent out immediately, but recovered only two pods with a total of nine survivors from an expanding debris field.

The Tarius was carrying 600 tons of cargo and 110 civilian passengers, along with a crew of 40. The survivors were identified as two crewmen and seven passengers, two of them children.

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