The Far Reach on Nypmos's Geode Sea

The Far Reach is a luxury starship, owned by Illium-based technology magnate Narva Becq.

A one-of-a-kind vessel, designed to Becq's personal specifications by an asari/salarian team and hand-crafted on Thessia by the T'Sere Shipwrights Guild of Dassus, the Far Reach is regarded as one of the most luxurious and prestigious starships currently in service. Her drive systems employ revolutionary grav-stabilisation techniques, reducing the perceptible effects of even such manoeuvres as orbit-surface transits effectively nil for her passengers, although this comes at the expense of energy efficiency and perfomance. While capable of platform or port landing, the vessel's hull is optimised for landing in water, and she includes a complete marine/submarine propulsion system.

Becq employs the Far Reach as both personal pleasure yacht, and a venue for top-level negotiations with trading partners; the substantial running costs for the vessel are balanced by her psychological impact on business allies and rivals alike. Given the vessel's limited high-speed performance and the wealthy nature of her passengers, she carries a high-speed relay-capable shuttle against the possibility of pirate encounters, and is accompanied on all interstellar journeys by a trio of Illium-registered Vansis Type-L stingships.

Out-of-character notes

The Far Reach is based on images of the Infinitas, designed by Schöpfer Yachts.

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