Famron Staultus
Species: Turian
Age: 36 (at time of death)
Occupation: Squadron Commander (formerly), Ensign (at time of death)
Status: Deceased - 2183

Famron Staultus was a commander of a squadron of A-61 Mantis Gunships for the Turian Hierarchy and both the commanding officer and the lover of Scipia Versenin up until an incident caused him to be demoted and her to resign from her post.


Famron Staultus was a native of Palaven, lacking any facial markings, but he didn't let the stereotype of "barefaced" prevent him from trying his best. He proved himself in boot camp when he was younger, and quickly rose through the ranks after leaving Flight School. His natural charisma and quick thinking made him an excellent commander, until Scipia Versenin entered his life in 2179. The two meshed well together, though he allowed his bond with her to cloud his judgment. While an ace pilot, she was not command material, but, two years later, when he needed a commander for one of his flights as an important deadline for a join naval exercise with the Systems Alliance drew near, he pushed Scipia through an accelerated command course, which she barely passed, and placed her above her former comrades, which both she and the rest of his command began to resent.

This shortsightedness came at a terrible cost, when a rushed inspection failed to find a fault in one of the Mantises under his command, which caused a massive chain reaction when its mass effect field went out of control and tore up most of a carrier's hangar bay. In the subsequent inquiries, Staultus was blamed as the one who placed Lieutenant Versenin in a position she could not handle, and was transferred to an aging cruiser, the HSV Denseps, where he would help to maintain the shuttle bay of the ship, watching the kind of gunships and shuttles he used to command fly in and out on a regular basis. The Denseps, while not expected to see action, did during the Battle of the Citadel. As the geth ships swarmed the defenders, the Denseps attempted to line up a shot with the massive flagship of the fleet, the the Reaper capital ship Sovereign. However, Sovereign paid no attention to the Denseps and rammed into the craft with no alterations to his trajectory, tearing the ship apart with little effort. The Denseps exploded shortly after, losing all hands as just one of the many ships eliminated before Alliance reinforcements could arrive.

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