Fadil, better known as "And My Fornax" on the boards, is a friendly young drell with a somewhat sad disposition. He registered on the boards shortly after their formation, and although he's taken several breaks since, he always seems to come back around - for better or for worse.

Fadil Mahd
Maudie Fadil
Username: And My Fornax
Species: Drell.
Age: 28.
Date of Birth: September 4th, 2162.
Occupation: NGO Grant Writer.
Location: Citadel.
Marital Status: Single.
Eye color: Brown.
Height: 5'10".
Build: Lean; a bit on the skinny side.
Affiliations: Hearth and Home, a NGO organization that provides temporary residence to refugees from the Reaper War.

A Closer Look

Although he used to have a much fuller figure, Fadil has grown rather thin as of late. He has bright, yellow scales that are accented by muted browns and grays, which have earned him the nickname of "Banana" over the years (and many variants of such). Standing at an average height and with an unassuming posture, Fadil, were it not for the rarity of his species, would be easy to miss in a crowd.

During the Reaper War, Fadil was crushed under a large piece of rubble and lost his left leg from the knee down. Too poor to afford a cloned replacement, he now has a prosthetic that he uses to get by.


Fadil was born to a loving couple in the Compact on Kahje. He lived a relatively unassuming life, going to school, making friends, and experiencing all the highs and lows of growing up. As he grew older, he became more and more interested by literature, and eventually started a part-time career as a romance novelist while simultaneously working in accounting.

When he turned twenty-two, he moved away from Kahje and onto the Citadel, where he found work as an executive assistant to an elcor named Zoftan. There, he worked for the next five years, until the outbreak of the Reaper War - at which point he took it upon himself to go to Earth to help relief efforts for Terran natives. He stayed there throughout the war, lost his leg in the process, and would have happily remained had Hearth and Home, the NGO he was working for, not decided to send him back to the Citadel to help negotiate grants for their organization.

Having re-settled on the Citadel, he was more or less left adrift, trying to find his place in life aboard a station he once called home.


  • Albert Lowell - A close friend of Fadil's. They met before the Reaper War, and although they recently had a falling out, have recently renewed contact.
  • Cerastes - In 2180, Fadil had the misfortune of coming across Cerastes, who shot him in the left pectoral by mistake.
  • Cihro'Lanna vas Stasmin - Fadil met Cihro by accident during a literal run-in aboard the Citadel. Since then, the two have become fast friends.
  • Gatrinax - Now deceased, Gat was a friend of Fadil's before his passing in the Reaper War.
  • Zoftan - An ex-coworker and close friend of Fadil's, he hasn't spoken to Zoftan since the start of the Reaper War.


Back From the Dead: A night out with CDN fellows at Aphin's Place.

I Have A Kid: Fadil discovers that he's the father of a daughter.

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