The Extranet is a Skyclaw-class personal shuttle, owned by Omega-based senior technician Aren'Vanti nar Moreh. Formerly used by a small-time drug lord to move personnel and product, it was impounded when its owner fell afoul of Aria T'Loak, and subsequently sold. Aren, an employee of one of Aria's business holdings (extranet service provider OmegaNet), was able to purchase the shuttle relatively cheaply, and uses it for work-related trips, mainly to Illium.

In its original configuration, the Extranet was fitted to accomodate ten passengers (in a cramped rapid transit configuration) in addition to its pilot; Aren has removed four of the seats in favour of a futon so he can rest during long trips (although, due to their expense, no quarian-level clean-room facilities have been installed). It has a decent volume of cargo space, an upgraded FTL plotter and pilot assist VI (installed by Aren), and an internal security system incorporating a concealed turret covering the entryway (courtesy of its former owner). Its engines are unremarkable, and it carries the bare minimum of ship-to-ship defences necessary to safeguard against meteorite impacts and discourage opportunistic pirates.

The ship's current name was chosen by Aren's co-workers, so that whenever he returns from Illium they can say "Oh <expletive>, the Extranet is here," echoing a meme which gained some popularity after the Discori operation.

Out-of-character notes

The image representing the Extranet is modified from a cargo shuttle seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.

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