Exodus By Arcturus (commonly known as ExByArc) is a music festival, held annually in Scott, the planetary capital of the Terra Nova colony. In 2186 the festival, one of the largest in the Systems Alliance, celebrated its 15th anniversary. ExByArc showcases independent music, vids, and interactives, and regularly attracts artists and bands from throughout the galaxy.

The festival's tens of thousands of registered attendees, and hundreds of thousands of guests, provide a major boost to the Terra Novan economy, and routinely sell out Scott's tourist accomodations and concert facilities. Booked to attend the 2186 festival's 57 venues were groups and performers including Enkindle This, Maya and the Azure Supernovas, A.F. Aramen, The Navigators, Congealed, Solid Rawkh, HyPer TangL, Jana Synesrix, The TriChordates, Roberto Rey, Featherstar, and Spark of Genius.

The ExByArc Festival concludes with the Exodus Awards, based on votes by festival attendees. Prior to the Reaper War, Kayana Fannus’ Rakhana Siha took home the prize for Best Feature Vid, with Gather winning Best Documentary and Dreaming: Concerning Flight winning for Best Short Vid. In music, Maya and the Azure Supernovas won Best Album for The Pieces Matter, with the Navigators winning Best Single for “Calling All Heroes,” and kro-core trio Solid Rawkh taking home the Best Artist prize. And in a stunning upset in Interactives, K-Wave’s ballyhooed MSelf VI lost in Best Program by less than 30 votes to PalavenData’s OmniMeld, a VI-based peer-to-peer ad hoc networking system. After the awards came the festival’s concluding concert, an all-night affair at the White Rocks Amphitheatre outside Scott. That year, the honor of closing out ExByArc went to folk-jam group Featherstar, the first raloi band to attend, who wowed the crowd with soulful folk ballads from their native Turvess and covers of everything from human spacer rock to salarian spoken-word. As the concert ended at dawn, lead singer Dazhire spoke for the assembled fans: “My friends: good bye, good morning, and see you all next year!”

In addition to the headline music attractions, more than 600 vids were scheduled to premiere at ExByArc, including documentaries, short films, and features, as well as hundreds of new interactive applications and services.