Ethan Miles is a 25-year-old human, serving in the Alliance special forces with an N5 rating.

Born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in Earth's UNAS, Ethan was educated at Riverside Military Academy, from which he graduated as a Cadet Captain, and enlisted in the Alliance military six weeks afterwards. Following training he was offered the options of enlisting in OCS (Officer Candidate School) or serving in the military diplomatic relations corps, but turned these down to apply for special forces. Having completed the necessary assessments, he was classified N5 and began extensive training in special forces tactics and operations. His first assignment was to the cruiser SSV Tokyo, and in 2182 he was reassigned to his current posting, as staff sergeant aboard a frigate operating in the Verge. Due to security considerations he has not publicly disclosed the name of his current vessel, or any more specific information on its operating area.

Out-of-character notes

Ethan's appearance is based on photos of Ryan McPartlin.

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