Epyrus is a mixed-species colony of the Turian Hierarchy, located in the Apien Crest. It orbits a red K-type star and has a lone moon in orbit around it.

The dominant species is turian, with many clients and alien species in significant numbers. The pre-war population was close to one billion citizens.

The colony is famous for its industrial complexes on the Luxern plateau and Pyrr highlands, which produced military vehicles and weapons for the Hierarchy amongst other articles. Prior to the Reaper War, Epyrusian manufacturing plants supplied nearly 2% of the Hierarchy's armoured fighting vehicle needs.

The Epyrusian climate is mostly arid, with lush forests on the coastlines and areas with heavy rainfall. Imported species suffer from insufficient amount of visible light.

Known locales on Epyrus include the garrison town of Ferropo on the Luxern plateau.

The colony was hit hard by the Reaper War and by 2189 most of its industry is still in ruins and the atmosphere is still choked by chemicals and soot released during the war.

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