Harbour Song, planetary capital of Epira

Epira is an asari colony, part of the Asari Republics and the central world of the Antumbra Reach, a region of asari space encompassing thirteen inhabited systems. Epira was originally settled from Thessia during the second age of asari exploration, but much of the region's influx of population has spread across the Reach rather than remain centralised - Epira itself remains relatively sparsely-populated, comparable in population to Illium.

Despite its low relative population, Epira's engineering guilds are noted as some of the galaxy's finest. Key elements of the asari fleet's overall technological superiority can be traced to input from Epira's guilds, and Epira's own shipyards have produced many vessels of note, including the dreadnought Chronicle of Starlight, which earned fame during the Krogan Rebellions, and more recently the Vale Vigilant, built under contract for Illium's Board of Governors to serve as the flagship of Tasale Fleet.

Epira's shipyards were virtually destroyed by Reaper orbital bombardment during the Reaper War, but ground troops landed were comparatively light, serving more to sow chaos and prevent any rebuilding effort than to rapidly overrun the planet. Although urbanised areas suffered extensive damage and casualties, much of the population fled to rural areas where the colony's huntresses mounted a defence that lasted until the war's end. Diligently-maintained evacuation protocols at the shipyards (prepared due to the high number of military contracts undertaken there) resulted in a high proportion of artisans and skilled workers surviving, which has aided Epira's postwar rebuilding efforts. Harbour Song, the planetary capital, is one of the shipyards centrally involved in the Talith Programme, a cooperative venture between Republics including Thessia and Epira, and the elcor shipwrights of Dekuuna, to produce and manufacture new designs for the asari navy using Reaper War-derived technological advances.

Epira is represented in the Asari Pildavi Union by Harbour Song University's 'Epira Huntresses'. Harbour Song Yacht Club organises and serves as the start/finish point for the annual Tour Epira, which sends competitors on single-hand catamarans on a demanding course through the Helios Seas.

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