Eldraam was a batarian colony world in the Sharak system, on the edge of the Omega Nebula. The colony was established in 1804 and survived until it was orbitally bombarded by a Reaper dreadnaught in 2186. As an outlying colony of the Hegemony, Eldraam had its own small defence fleet of several cruisers with frigate support to ward off all but the most determined pirates.

Eldraam was noted for environmental extremes, with exceptionally hot summers and bitterly cold winters. The colony was originally established to exploit substantial mineral resources, but the soil proved fertile enough to support a rapid summer growing season and produced some of the best-regarded raksha tubers from any world other than Khar'shan. Eldraam produced enough food to support a level but never thriving batarian population, estimated at the time of its destruction to be less than five million.

The most significant event involving Eldraam prior to its destruction was due to its proximity to the quarian colony of Has'Sey. Near the end of the Geth War, the quarian population of Has'Sey was being overwhelmed by their former servants until the Eldraam defence fleet responded to their distress signals, buying time for over 100,000 quarian civilians to escape. Led by Governor Dasegar Alto, the Eldraam defense fleet subsequently bombarded Has’Sey from orbit, annihilating the geth presence. The rescued quarians, expecting the worst, were surprised enough when Governor Dasegar let them go that he became something of a folk hero to the quarians, even though official batarian records of the incident indicate only that the Eldraam defence forces assisted in quelling a slave uprising on Has’Sey.

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