Dekuuna Begins to Rebuild is one of the retrospective articles prepared by CDN members to illustrate the events and changes that occurred during the year following the Reaper War.

Dekuuna Begins to Rebuild

With the retreat of the Reapers and the restoration of the Relays, many species have been rebuilding. Once the relay network to their own systems was restored, the elcor returned to their homeworld in order to fix the damage brought about by the Reapers.

Once the elcor returned to Dekuuna from their emergency evacuation, their rebuilding efforts began with the re-establishment of the Courts. Despite having fallen to the Reaper forces fairly early on in the war, a representative of the Dekuunan Courts claimed that the elcor worlds are in surprisingly good shape.

“Optimistically: our capital cities fell early on, it’s true. However, since the Reapers targeted large urban settings, they left a majority of Dekuuna’s landscape unspoiled” said Rorix Teranis, an archivist from the Courts.

The elcor government states that they owe much of their steady recovery to Alliance Commander and first human Spectre, Commander Shepard. Shepard, missing after taking back Earth and presumed dead, was instrumental in the unification of the galaxy in the face of this threat. Despite the undoubtedly stressful task ahead of her, Shepard still found time to give aid to the elcor people.

Teranis had this to say:

“Thankful: the Normandy managed to slip past the Reaper forces surrounding Dekuuna, and evacuated several of our civilians trapped on the planet. While not all could be saved, there are many today that would not have survived had it not been for Shepard, my family being among them.

“With growing enthusiasm: While rescuing our civilians, Shepard also managed to recover the Code of the Ancients, a text containing the wisdom of our ancestors. Their wisdom has been guiding us since we returned to Dekuuna.”

The Courts are uncertain as to how long Dekuuna’s recovery will take, but many elcor remain hopeful. “With national pride: We do not expect Dekuuna to be fully restored within a few standard years. It’s likely that the rebuilding process will be a long and difficult task. However, we remain committed. We will survive, rebuild, and when we are done Dekuuna will be greater than before. It is our way.”

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