You can relax, she's not bonded to the director or anything.

Elara was much the average asari who enjoyed camping trips, hunting, swimming, etc. After a tour serving the Republics as an Asari Huntress, she and her sister joined Eclipse for a spell... which, judging by her later stance on the company (along with the fact that her sister was now dead), went rather poorly.

Hardships and profession aside, she was a cuddly and affectionate sort when off-duty so long as you played nice.

Many thought she would go far in the mercenary profession, but she was killed during the events of Who Goes There 2.


  • Mother: Matriarch Elliene (Ex-commando, Senior Instructor at the Eisley Biotics Academy)
  • Father: Goronak Mor'Goth (Ex-freelancer, Blue Suns Infantry Commander, deceased.)
  • Sibling: Aayla T'Meyra (Eclipse Commando. KIA)

Past Employers

  • Maxmillian van der Trask, CEO of Trask Interstellar
  • Binary Helix
  • Elanus Risk Control Services
  • Eclipse
  • Daia T'Nara
  • Conatix Industries
  • Elkoss Combine
  • Sonax Industries


Right Place, Right Time: Meeting for corporate work with Camille Winston Colter on Bekenstein.

We Shall Party Responsibly: The reason being, there are children attending. It's celebrating Holly's adoption by Asharia.

Private Contractor: The Agincourt gets a temporary crewmember to fill their empty vanguard slot. Who could it be?

But Did You Bring Food: Elara visits Sicaria Perihelion in the hospital, and they talk about various subjects ranging from e-net arguments to Lepantis Corvax's love/hate relationship with Sica.

An Offer: Elara stays the night with Everett Maliszewski, and they decide to form a partnership.

Spectrometers and Squiggly Lines: Elara and Linya meet up, and study a mysterious rock that Elara found in who-knows-where... along with other things.

Blink of an Eye: A routine security gig goes wrong for Elara and Everett when Eclipse jumps in...with messy results.

It's good to have connections: Elara and Everett take refuge in the hold of the Judgement, meeting AEGIS for the first time as well.

A Debt to Pay: Elara and Everett agree to assist in an Eclipse operation in return for cleared records, and Elara meets the last person she ever wanted to see again.

Mother Dearest: Elara and Linya have lunch with Lin's mother, and it goes quite well (to their surprise).

Me, Retire?: But she's been bitten by the love bug...

I Seriously Shouldn't Do This: Elara plots a birthday celebration for her soon to be mother-in-law. Leading into...

You Don't Turn 700 Every Day: The big event! Urdnot Nutanx, Asharia, Najhil Holken, Kenec'Getha nar Iblin and more join the family to celebrate.

Message to Kenec'Getha and Dr Linya M'Tanis: She's going to be gone a few weeks.

Paging User Modulator_Demodulator: Sharing intel with Sarah Skamrev about this Marcus Koren fellow.

Interdaction: Elara's last mission.

In the Event of My Death: Elara's last message.

In Memorium: The memorial service, followed by...

A Wake For A Friend: CDN shows up in force at Aphin's Place for Elara's wake.

I Call the Moxie Toys: Linya and Daia clear out Elara's apartment.