The Edessan Flight Academy is one of the oldest and most prestigious flight schools in all of the Turian Hierarchy. If admitted, a student's participation in one of Its three to five year programmes count as part of the compulsory service. Admission opportunities are extremely competitive and are available only to young potential students who are still in the early part of their compulsory service. It is located in a remote location in the countryside of the turian colony world of Edessan. The star system in which Edessan is located allows for a large variety of different battle scenanarions while the atmospheric features of the planet itself facilitate a breadth of in-atmosphere flight conditions.

When it comes to simulations, the Academy’s policy dictates that a recruit receives top level training only at handling the vessel class they’ve been previously recommended for and are most wanted to serve at. Through this way, the academy is able not only  to conserve resources but also let trainees exploit their full potential where it’s needed the most. As such, a potential fighter pilot will not be taught uneccessary knowledge regarding the flight controls of larger vessels like cruisers and dedicate their entire energy to mastering fighter piloting skills. In the same manner, a future dreadnought flight officer will not receive training on manoeuvrabilty and fast reflexes that are neccessary for fighter pilots and instead, spend the entire programme learning how to best handle ships of a large bulk. Newly admitted students are allocated to vessel class training programme through an assesment process that takens into accoun personal will, recomendation and pre-assesment by superiours, a variety of allocation and suitability tests and an additional one-week-long preparatory pre-assesment session. Safety parameters during simulations are significantly lower but the scenarios are very specific. Recruits learn to be extremely punctual, patient and precise in their handling.

Many worry that this level ultra-high specialisatised training leaves the pilots unable to function when faced with a slightly diferent flight environment or even a mere change in the vessel they are supposed to handle. But according to the academy, the versatility that is neccessary for pilots to cope with such changes in their operating environment  is already expected from everybody in the EFA as as a prerequisite as soon as they are admitted. It is also stated that the basic controls of each vessel are based on the exact same frame from ship class to ship class since the baseline control configuration is standard across all of the Hierarchy. 

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