The advertising poster for the Second Season, as shown in "One on the House."

This article covers the show from an in-universe perspective. For the story arcs that follow the show, please see Dynasty Maker (Story Arc)

Dynasty Maker is a game show produced by Fast Forward Entertainment that airs on the Galaxy One Network. Restricting competition to salarians only, the show pits them one another for the chance to win a one-time mating contract with a mystery Dalatrass that currently endorses the show. For these reasons, the show has earned the ire of people across the galaxy - non-salarians for its exclusivity, and salarians for the blatant disrespect it treats the most basic of salarian reproductive customs.


Dynasty Maker merchandise was available at all Ellf's Emporium locations during the first season run, including bobbleheads of all current members of the group. So, yes, there are Aphinjandro bobbleheads.