An up and coming plotline involving the Systems Alliance and murky undercurrents taking place within it in the aftermath of the first Five Year Plan.



(Broadcast) The Way Forward:Admiral Steven Hackett addresses the future of the Systems Alliance.

(Various) The OId Lie: Something strange is going on, and a naval officer decides to get to the bottom of it.

(Illium) Medevac: Emon Spiza is in hospital and things only go downhill from there.

Anti-SA Sentiment, Militia and You!: Commentary on the current state of the Alliance.

(Illium) Indiscriminate Carthasis - TUTORIAL: Hobo squad strikes at the drone and weapons manufacturer Hahne-Kedar on Illium. Greater forces than they know are in the background. Acts as a MHRP system tutorial.

(BREAKING) Dalatrass Linron Passes Away: The leader of the Salarian Union dies. Some are worried, some are celebratory, some are apathetic.


(DEDE, Citadel) Very Mysterious Paperwork: In which Commander Shay McKeown meets Major General Kawroski to discuss a sensitive issue plaguing the Systems Alliance Navy.

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