Drushana is an asari Republic established concurrently with Illium and featuring many of the same philosophies, albeit within the framework of Citadel space rather than the Terminus. The world itself is notable for extensive deserts and dry heat, averaging several degrees hotter than Thessia itself. Flora on Drushana is hardy and resilient, thriving and proving useful in desert reclamation on cooler worlds, including portions of Thessia itself. Fauna consists of a wide variety of creatures suited to the climate, including a large number of burrowing animals and relatively few capable of flight. The republic’s economy is largely based on exporting natural resources and trade, sitting as it does on the route between Thessia and Illium. The population remains almost entirely asari, though there are large batarian elements and smaller enclaves of krogan and drell, all of which are accustomed to hot and relatively dry worlds. The batarian population predates the isolation of the Hegemony, largely a result of the historical connection between the Drushana Syndicate and the batarian merchant caste. The krogan enclaves date back to before the Krogan Rebellions, and Drushana was among the worlds demanded as payment by the krogan warlords after the Rachni War. The small drell population on Drushana is largely the result of an abortive Thamosi effort to establish regular trade with Rakhana, a prospect that quickly proved too expensive to maintain due to trade barriers erected by the hanar.

While ostensibly an asari Republic like any other, Drushana is implicitly run by the Syndicate of the same name, more properly known as the Thamosi Conglomerate. The Syndicate operates various privatized utilities, including all spaceports on the planet, and retains a virtual stranglehold on the private sector as a whole, leaving the government largely beholden to their desires.

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