A Systems Alliance cruiser design. The Dresden-class Heavy Cruiser is a stalwart of the Alliance Navy, a tried and tested vessel that has participated in pirate suppression campaigns in the Attican Traverse, battles such as the Skyllian Blitz and actions during the Eden Prime War. Heavily armed and armoured, with two 540m mass accelerator spinal cannons, two 480m mass accelerators and forty-six 45m broadsides, the Dresden is called in to provide considerable firepower for engagements where dreadnoughts are not required. That is to say, most engagements. Similar to capital ships, the Dresden can act as a command and control centre for its flotilla when in an engagement. The Dresden is 600m long with a crew of seven hundred. Currently, the Dresden-class is in the process of having its broadsides retrofitted with Thanix cannons.

A product of Ivanova Industries.

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