Primacy Speaks Out In Underage Soldier Scandal is one of the retrospective articles prepared by CDN members to illustrate the events and changes that occurred during the year following the Reaper War.

Primacy Speaks Out In Underage Soldier Scandal

New York Resettlement Zone, EARTH - Primacy representative Hallaylise found itself facing heavy criticism following his statements in today's press conference. This is the latest development in the case of Jorces Nial, a compacted drell serving with the Illuminated Primacy. Part of a team sent to disable a husk-processing plant, Nial earned a Medal of Honour for his bravery. However, documents posted to Independent Drell, a drell rights site sometimes associated with the radical DLF, revealed the Nial was 14 years old at the time of the mission.

"Though we are guests on Earth, the compact is a Primacy institution that reflects a history of enkindlement, the needs of both species. Through the compact, these ones demonstrate a respect for the development of the drell, which is unlike that of the humans."

Many disagree. "That is fundamentally dishonest. Drell are born more developed than humans, and their eidetic memory means they can master some complex tasks before humans can." Says Sophia Bhatnagar, an endocrinologist who has studied growth rates across different species. "But a 14 year old drell is not mature, either physically or mentally, and Citadel laws respect that."

Under Citadel law, drell are considered legal adults at [17.82] years of age. Though the Primacy is obliged to respect these laws, numerous exceptions have been made for the Compact.

Following the press release, Captain Kecheng Wu, who led the operation that won Nial his commendation, lashed back. "While we have the utmost respect for the Soldiers of the Illuminated Primacy, and indeed all who fought back against the Reapers. I recommended Nial for that medal. But he fact remains: we did not ask the Illuminated Primacy to send us their children."

Jorces Nial could not be reached for comment.

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