As Relays Reopen, An Institution in Flux is one of the retrospective articles prepared by CDN members to illustrate the events and changes that occurred during the year following the Reaper War.

As Relays Reopen, An Institution in Flux

Quito Spaceport, Earth - An estimated 2000 compacted drell will be departing for the hanar home today, following the official opening of the Sol-Kahje relay. More are expected to leave in the following weeks.

The compact, a socio-political institution that organizes much of life in the Illuminated Primacy, has always been resistant to change notoriously opaque to outsiders. What is clear is that following the mass upheaval of the Reaper War, the institution is in flux. Drell who served with Hammer have finally received word from home-only to find that the business they worked for has collapsed, or their position filled during their absence.

Others have found themselves unwilling to serve under their former arrangement. "Of course some people aren't going back." said Dase K, a compactee from Belan. "Others are going back with assurances that the hanar will match their current wage, or that they'll serve under a different compactor."

Adding to the complexity is the small number of compactees who were found to be below legal age.

Most though, are eager to see friends and family again, even if that means carrying the burden of an ancestral bargain. For many more, that day is still far out of reach

"They tell us we can go 'home'." Said Rakal G. A compacted drell who served as head of security on a small mining colony before being assigned to Hammer, he is leaving with his home still well out of relay range. "But for many of us, Kahje isn't home. It's just as close as we can get."

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