Work of ESpiza

A long-running turian franchise.

Characters include:

  • Dr. Mexta himself
  • The Arch-Primarch of Planet X (a popular villain)
  • Baron Gold (ditto).
  • Dr. Blade. A human villain appearing in some recent versions. Blade's portrayal changes according to turian-human relations of the time.
  • The Minister.
  • Vex’iinan, the famous quarian villain originally featured in Doctor Mexta And The Thousand Year Cage. He started as a suave imperialist during the pre-Geth era, only to become a cackling agent of chaos following the Morning War. Modern interpretations of the character swing wildly; for a while he was an almost sympathetic extremist, trying to do what was best for his species at the highest cost, but after the geth attack on the Citadel, sympathy for quarians waned, and the character once again became a more serious nemesis to Mexta.


Yet Another Reboot

The Animated Version.


There may be a little Dr. Who involved here. Just a little.

Incidentally, a mexta is a type of turian sword.

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