Dirk Black
is the protagonist of a series of action/adventure films, a secret agent who works on behalf of the Systems Alliance and Citadel Council to defeat a variety of threats to galactic stability. The first film in the series, Dr. Go, was produced shortly after the conclusion of the First Contact War and the integration of the Alliance into the Citadel group of governments - at the time it was progressive in featuring a variety of alien allies for Dirk, notably (in light of the recent war) turians. In the film, Dirk battles the titular Dr. Go, an agent of the criminal organisation REAPER, overcomes various obstacles to foil his scheme, and incidentally becomes enamoured of a beautiful asari he encounters along the way. Subsequent films followed the same basic pattern, with Dirk pitted against a variety of masterminds (REAPER-affiliated and otherwise), and making the acquaintance of a variety of beautiful women of various species in the process.

Dirk Black was played by Thomas Reilly in the first five films in the series. For the sixth, Dirk was controversially reimagined as a female agent, played by Georgina Roberts. Critical and audience reactions to Roberts' debut in On The Citadel's Secret Service were unflattering (although many modern fans, separated from the recasting/reimagining controversy, regard the film as underappreciated), and her agent persuaded her not to return for the next film, in which Reilly returned. Following Reilly's final appearance in the role, three other actors have portrayed the super-spy in subsequent films.

Out-of-character notes

Dirk Black is, of course, a Mass Effect version of James Bond, and the movie posters are modelled after the posters from the time the relevant Bond films were first released. "Thomas Reilly" is represented by Colin Salmon, who played Bond's fellow MI6 agent Robinson in the Pierce Brosnan era films.